STEP CG Announces the Addition of a New Color to Celebrate Kentucky Roots During Expansion


IT Company Integrates a Bold New Blue to Usher in a Wave of Unprecedented Growth

STEP CG ( – a leading managed IT, security and cloud services provider for businesses in Kentucky and beyond – is celebrating the expansion of its headquarters in Covington by incorporating a new color into their existing logo.

The brand, a proud local company, employs citizens of both Kentucky and Ohio, and has recently been recognized at the state level by Governor Beshear for its commitment to creating opportunities for the Covington community. Their dedication to reinvesting in the local economy even inspired the STEP CG team to create a brighter future for the brand by including a recognizable color in its logo.

One look at the logo and you’ll see why the new color is locally significant—the blue is a nod to Step CG’s roots in Kentucky. Even though the IT company serves businesses across the country, they remain engaged at the local and regional level and want to represent their home state.

Katie Johnson, CMO of STEP CG, explains that “with the exponential amount of growth, doubling in size and revenue each year and expanding our geographic territory as we support the Midwest and the South and all bordering states, we wanted our brand to represent our ‘home’ in Kentucky, hence the Kentucky Blue. Gov. Beshear announced STEP CG’s expansion a few months ago, bringing a new color to our existing logo was fitting for the new excitement of expanding our headquarters on the same side of the river.”

STEP CG looks forward to creating more opportunities for the Covington area now and well into the future – they will even be opening an Innovation Center inside the new HQ.


STEP CG is a leading managed IT, security and cloud services provider and engineering firm that supports a full portfolio of networking, voice, security and professional service solutions. STEP CG’s network technology solutions are powered by strategic experts and best of breed technologies across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, education, manufacturing, financial, retail, legal, government and service providers. For more information about STEP CG and how they can help your business navigate IT challenges and getting everything set up, visit or call 513-795-6000 for IT support.

Source: STEP CG