Data Tech Café Steps Into a Leadership Role in the Detroit Metro Community

IT Company Donates Free Services to Woman-Owned Startup Businesses Working Remotely

Data Tech Café ( – a world-class IT service and solutions provider – has fulfilled a much-needed role in the Detroit Metro community by helping businesses continue operations in this new technological landscape. During the recent economic upheaval, Data Tech Café stepped in and provided free IT support for local woman-owned startups that needed help setting up their online businesses (including laptops and other devices) and getting employees and volunteers prepared to work remotely. By volunteering to help keep this important segment of the up-and-running for free, Data Tech Café is doing its part to support small local businesses. Working remotely, communicating safely and managing digital risk has never been more important, and Data Tech Café is proud to be able to help other businesses navigate uncertain times.  

Data Tech Café was able to identify this need by working closely with one of their clients, Michigan Women Forward (, which serves woman-owned startups. Through this community collaboration, Data Tech Café provided Michigan Women Forward’s customers with the free IT support and services they need to continue to conduct business online and work remotely. By donating their time and expertise, Data Tech Café upholds its commitment to ensuring that communities can rebound from COVID-19 as quickly as possible. 

As Seann Moreno, CEO of Data Tech Café, explains, “For some of our non-profit clients, we’re helping woman-owned startups get anything up-and-running remotely—we said we won’t be charging them, and we’re going to help them out.” 

Michigan Women Forward helps women succeed in startup businesses, and as a company invested in its local community, Data Tech Café ensured that “any customers that needed to work remotely during this time were not charged, and we were just able to help them get set up to be able to work remotely.” 

To offer continued IT support to businesses facing immediate digital challenges with remote workforces, devices and cybersecurity, Data Tech Café is offering businesses three months of free service upfront with a three-year contract. Individuals interested in learning more about Data Tech Cafe can call (248) 268-8899 or visit their website at ( 

About Data Tech Cafe  

Data Tech Café is an IT provider that offers managed IT services, cloud managed services, managed security services and consulting services. They specialize in Information Technology, management and leadership, operations, exceptional service and support, and business consulting in a variety of industries. For more information about how Data Tech Café and how they can help your business navigate IT challenges and get everything set up remotely, visit or call (248) 268-8899.  

Source: Data Tech Café